Sponsorship at GraceLaced

Sponsorship at Gracelaced

GraceLaced is a website dedicated to enriching heart and home, while seeking to find Grace in everyday life. Audience GraceLaced is read primarily among women of all ages. Stay-at-home moms, crafters, college students, and church leaders make up the majority of its readers.

Average Monthly Traffic 

GraceLaced is averaging 80,000 pageloads a month. (120,000+ pageviews in February 2013!) It averages 3000 pageloads and an average of 2000 new visitors on weekdays. GraceLaced has been consistently increasing in traffic.

I am also a monthly contributor to two very popular, highly read sites: The Better MomMom Heart Online, and Beautifully Rooted. These sites naturally bring new readership and exposure to GraceLaced, thus giving you as an advertiser more exposure as well.

Advertising Info 

Ads will run from the first day of the month, through the last day of the month. Ad position will rotate throughout the month.

To generate more traffic for my sponsors, I include these services for all my sponsors:

  • I will host a Sponsor Day each month in which I will introduce that month’s sponsors, and offer any promotion, discount, or giveaway that sponsor would like to offer (subject to my approval). You are not required to participate. If you would like to participate, I must receive the following by  the 10th of the month your ad runs:

*Description of your promotion, discount, or giveaway

*Any photos your wish to include (at least 400×400 72dpi)

*Any restrictions or time limit if not offered for the entire month

  • Once a month, when appropriate, I will pin my favorite items from your store/website on Pinterest, which will be shared with my 1600+ followers there.
  • I will repost/share, and retweet promos or special announcements you make, a few times a month on Facebook and Twitter to my fans and followers.

GraceLaced is currently offering the following advertising options:

  • Large: 260px x 130px in sidebar at 3 months/$120 (Large ads will always stay at top)
  • Small: 130px x 130px in sidebar at 3 months/$75

All ads and the sites they link to must be approved by GraceLaced. I can provide design direction for your ad button should you need assistance. I can also provide complete ad button design for $15/button with a photo you provide. Any other extensive logo or graphic design work will be charged at my graphic design rate of $75/hr. Any special promotional or complimentary ad button designs created will be the property of GraceLaced, and may only be used on this site, unless purchased by the ad sponsor.

If after your site and your ad have been approved you choose to change the content of your site to reflect something I do not want to support or send my readers to, I retain the right to remove your ad. In most cases, I will contact you to discuss the issue, but ultimately I retain the right to remove your ad without notice or refund should this situation occur.

Payment must be received by the 1st of the month (I will send you an invoice) preceding your ad placement. Payment will be accepted only through PayPal.

Thank you, and I look forward to promoting your business!