About Gracelaced

I’ve always been the type of person to do little personal life inventories every couple years, month, even days, to see if I’m really living the life I want to be living. No matter what the hobby-of-the-month (and they are manifold), my continual pursuit is to be growing deeper and further in the knowledge and demonstration of the grace of God–to be laced with grace in all that I do. GraceLaced is for all of us who want to be more gracious inside and out. It is the conference room for all the how-to-be-laced-with-grace moments in everyday life as we balance the beautiful with the banal, the truth with the trivial, and the frilly with the frugal. Seeing that “all that I do” falls into catagories such as drawing a bath for my children, concocting something gourmet with something in the pantry, sounding out beginning readers with my five yr. old, living chic-ly with children, and anticipating a smoked-oysters and crackers date-night with my husband downstairs after the boys go down, GraceLaced is finding the graciousness in all of it.  Please feel free to comment…and may we be of mutual encouragement.  Thanks for reading… Grace and Peace,