Kale Smoothie

In case you don’t know, I love to read your comments. I especially love it when your comments give me something new to try and blog about. Just last week, Kim, from California, commented on the Kale Chips post:

I need to try this. Another good way to use kale is for a green smoothie. I don’t if you’ve tried these but they are very yummy. My oldest is the least enthusiastic but will still drink one glassful. I put in kale (I use stems and all), almond milk, occasionally yogurt, orange juice,frozen fruit (banana, mango,peach slices), ice and protein powder. Definitely a good way to get this great vegetable in them!


I took this suggestion so seriously, in fact, that I went to the store and came home with this:



  • 1 banana
  • a couple cups slightly thawed frozen strawberries 
  • peaches, or mangos
  • a cup or so vanilla yogurt
  • about a cup almond milk
  • scant cup or so of orange juice
  • 1 scoop Nature’s Way Alive! Ultra-Shake protein powder
  • a small handful kale
  • a touch of honey

I wish I had exact proportions for you, but I don’t.

You notice Kim didn’t give me any either, and our smoothies actually turned out AMAZING! Using strawberries gave the shake a sweeter flavor, and purplish hue. If you use frozen peaches or mangos, expect to have a green smoothie! And the kale? Kim was right….just stick them in the blender, stems and all, and give them a good long whirl. What results is a smoothie that’s incredibly good for you, filling, and tastes nothing like leafy green veggies! (The Alive! mix contains powdered juice from kale, spinach, wheat grass, brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, beet, cabbage, garlic, a huge variety of mushrooms, and digestive enzymes. And that’s only a few of the ingredients.)


The kids (including picky eater Number 2) absolutely love the kale smoothies we’ve had each morning this last week…and, I love beginning the morning with more than enough nutrients for all of us to get the day going. Somehow, the kids have not even noticed the kale going into the blender, or the teeny tiny bits of green in their smoothies. *Sigh* Sweet deception.

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